Friday, July 3, 2015

Serious disconnect on the pizza box

Recently, a friend posted a photo of her Dominos pizza box on Facebook which said that the pizza was brought to her by the dairy cows and it showed illustrations of happy cows with names under them.

Every really think about that?

There is a disturbing reality to dairy farms. When animals are commodities whose job it is to produce milk, there is no regard for suffering. There was a time in farming where people knew the cows. Now dairy cows are just cogs in a very big production wheel.

A few of the realities? 

1. Dairy cows have their horns removed because space is at a premium. 
2. It is dirty having that many cows in that small of a space so infection is rampant which is why antibiotics are in our milk. 
3. A domestic cow's life span is 20 years. A dairy cow's lifespan is 5. There is an industry term called "downer cows" which is when a dairy cow is too sick or exhausted to stand and produce milk all day. They are sent to slaughter. 
4.  How do dairy cows produce milk? They get pregnant. Newborn dairy calves are taken away from their mothers typically on day one, causing extreme separation anxiety for both newborn and mother, who carries her baby for 9 months like human mothers do. Mother cows have been known to wail and mourn the loss of their calves up to weeks on end.
And yet, cows are prominently featured in milk, cheese and ice cream ads as if they delightedly stand in pristine meadows just waiting for someone to come milk them.

Our advertising works to create a disconnect between the animals and our use of them. And while I could write more about the suffering here, there is a 60 second video. Don't want to watch? Yeah, I don't blame you.  Once I read Vegan Freak, by Bob and Jenna Torres, I found I had an ethical decision to make. I didn't want to be part of the suffering. Fortunately, I live in a place where food is readily available and it doesn't have to be animals.

I do wish we could just stop pretending with pictures of smiling cows and happy pigs.

It doesn't work that way at all. 


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