Operation Mindshift

I'm in Calgary this weekend for an Operation Mindshift retreat. OMS is Rex Miller's brainchild. It's purpose is to come up with a new delivery method for design and construction. Almost everyone agrees the current system is broken, but it is a systemic problem and there is no easy fix. It is a visionary move on Rex's part--and of Haworth who is financing it--to begin to lead the discussion.

Rex asked me to come scribe for Kyle Davy--faciltator and author of Value Redesigned--an amazing work on the future of architectural practice.

The discussions are spirited, engaging, and there are people around the table from every part of the process...developer, architect, interiors, furnisher, and of course, our firm wearing the Strategic Dimensions hat. It's been a fascinating day so far. Thought I would post this during our break. Now, back to work.
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Maira Gall