Of Miracles and Theophostic Prayer

It started with an article I read in the Dallas Observer when I was sitting at Bic's waiting for Nancy one morning several weeks ago. Andrea Grimes wrote an article on theta healing in the irreverent, wry style she does well.

The article saddened me deeply. Not because Andrea questioned if there really was a God. (That is a big, common and completely understandable question.) But because the theta healers seemed to be doing more effective work than the church.

My Christian faith runs deeply, but I have to confess, in 41 years, I have only once seen a true "rise up and walk" moment. My frustration was this.....If Jesus came to “bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness the prisoners,” then why am I so completely powerless to do the same in the lives of those around me? I can pray for people. Show love to them. But I usually have no ability to truly alleviate suffering (emotional or physical) on a long-term basis or to make any immediate and lasting changes on the complexities of living in a fallen, hurting world.

Moreover, if Christ is really, really, really, real (and I believe He is), then all the excuses in place ("you don't have enough faith" "it is God's will" etc.) are incongruous with what we teach of Him lame. Yet, no one seems to notice that.

My google search started with "theta healing" and through a random assortment of hypertexts wound up at "theophostic prayer." The official site, www.tpassociation.com has a directory of people who practice it. I contacted one of them and made an appointment.

The focus of Theophostic Prayer is on letting God do the healing (no mental gymnastics required) and for God to shine light on the lies in the person's life that are believed.

Simple? Yeah, I know.

I met with Carol and her prayer partner, Annette. (Theophostic prayer ministers work in pairs). My specific issue was in dealing with some very dramatic physical reactions to an emotional trauma I experienced. The office is in a little white house with chickens in the yard and flowers all around it. As I walked up the porch I was very, very nervous.

I wasn't sure what to expect. As for "enough faith" I can promise I didn't have it. I was just sort of taking TP for a test drive. The interior of the office was warm and welcoming. I took a seat on the flowered couch and made a mental note of the tissue box nearby.

They asked me what happened. I shared. Then they prayed, simply. No large vocabulary words. No copious reading of scripture. Just a simple request to God and periodic questions about what I was thinking or feeling.

Our session--which took way longer than I thought it would--was cut short because they had another appointment. Though I didn't have dramatic results, it did feel good to talk openly to people with such kind eyes. I made another appointment. (Again, not really sure that it was worth the time, but they work on donation so it wasn't like I was being charged hourly if it didn't.)

What happened over the next four days, was completely unexpected...as if some big plan to heal me were set in motion. The physical symptoms were bad Saturday night, and I woke Sunday morning to find John's hand on my head. "Are you praying for me?" I asked.

"How did you know I was praying?"

(Okay, don't weird out at this part.) "I felt God's power coming from your hand and flowing into me. Pray out loud so I can hear you."

He did. As John and I lie there praying, I began to join him. I prayed like the theophostic prayer minister had and began asking God to expose the lies I was believing. They started coming to mind and I began confessing them. The moment was so holy and so powerful, I can't find words to express it. It was as if God were right there in the room.

For the first time in my life, I experienced a dramatic "rise up and walk" moment for myself.
© Random Cathy
Maira Gall