So I wrote this book...

So I wrote this book...
If you've ever felt a gap between what you believe and what you experienced, this book is for you. It is available via Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

We're Flamingos

John and I have been renting seasons of Boston Legal through Netflix.

One of my favorite parts of the series is the friendship between Denny Crane (William Shatner) and Alan Shore (James Spader). Each episode ends with the two on the balcony outside of Denny's office drinking scotch and discussing the day.

In one episode (2.27), they attend the firm's Halloween party dressed as flamingos. Later on the balcony, the conversation is:

Alan Shore: You ever wonder if you and I are la-la?
Denny Crane: Don't be ridiculous. We're flamingos. And good ones.

The phrase "we're flamingos" gets repeated throughout the season as a catch phrase to communicate their unique relationship.

The other night, I was sitting on the loveseat with my husband in his office as we watched the last episode of Season 3. The phrase was repeated again. With realization, I looked up at John and said, "We're flamingos."

He paused and looked back meaningfully. "Yes, we are."
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