Changing the world

Airports are rarely pleasant places. They are dirty, crowded, and filled with travelers burdened by luggage and logistics.

Today at DFW, the TSA agent checking my boarding pass actually smiled at me. A real smile. One that reached her eyes and communicated that she actually cared about the people passing through the line. Her internal spark made the other stoic interactions of getting to my gate matter less.

More than that, it actually impacted my experience.

What if the secret to changing the world lies in the thousands of interactions we have every day?

What if--as David-the-Artist-Pastor pointed out with his Patch Adams clip last weekend--you could change the programmed response simply by changing the stimulus. Could the world really be transformed?

Hmmm.....something to think about while I'm sitting in coach.
© Random Cathy
Maira Gall