Possible Solution for Exhaustion

I've been really tired lately. Unnaturally tired. Like back in the days when I had anemia tired.

Last night, I read in a magazine where one girl found that her fatigue problem was due to 100+ degree heat lowering her electrolytes.

Given that we've had 100+ temps for too many days in a row to count, I think it is a good possibility.

Gatorade replenishes electrolytes...as does Pedialyte. However, Gatorade has food dyes and Pedialyte...well, it just tastes awful. I have a product in my pantry called 40,000 Volts which you can mix with natural juice.

The girl in the magazine used EmergenC (which I also have on hand), broccoli and bananas (which I bought last night with the magazine).

I hope this is the answer. I am way tired of being tired.
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Maira Gall