So I wrote this book...

So I wrote this book...
If you've ever felt a gap between what you believe and what you experienced, this book is for you. It is available via Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Possible Solution for Exhaustion

I've been really tired lately. Unnaturally tired. Like back in the days when I had anemia tired.

Last night, I read in a magazine where one girl found that her fatigue problem was due to 100+ degree heat lowering her electrolytes.

Given that we've had 100+ temps for too many days in a row to count, I think it is a good possibility.

Gatorade replenishes does Pedialyte. However, Gatorade has food dyes and Pedialyte...well, it just tastes awful. I have a product in my pantry called 40,000 Volts which you can mix with natural juice.

The girl in the magazine used EmergenC (which I also have on hand), broccoli and bananas (which I bought last night with the magazine).

I hope this is the answer. I am way tired of being tired.
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