The Sad Tale of John's iPhone

Subtitle:  that looked like it was going to have a happy ending, but alas did not...

So after a long chaotic day, Bethany reminded John my car was out of gas.  John goes to the pump, phone in hand, sets the phone on top of the car and fills the tank, then rushes off to his and Beth's appt. (Leaving said phone on top of the car.)

When he realizes what has happened, he drives back to the gas station, but no phone in site.

The next the drizzle...we are at the same gas station, leave the same way, and see his phone on the curb of the median.

It looks like this...

So, John says..."I wonder if it still works."  I hit the button, and it looks like this...

At this point we are REALLY excited.  John goes online and orders a screen replacement kit which we got in the mail yesterday. 

So, John gets out his tools.  Finds a YouTube video of how to take the whole thing apart and replace it. At which point he learns that either a) the phone got too squished during its time on the streets to come apart as shown on the video; or 2) you have to have tiny ant hands to actually work with the microscopic screws and small spaces to accomplish the steps in the video. 

Now, the phone looks like this...

Moral to the story? The bummer part about cool electronics is that it is easy to make really expensive mistakes in the course of your day-to-day life.
The End.
© Random Cathy
Maira Gall