So I wrote this book...

So I wrote this book...
If you've ever felt a gap between what you believe and what you experienced, this book is for you. It is available via Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.


Since John is from New Mexico and I'm a Texas girl, we like our food a bit on the spicy side.  Hatch Chiles (from Hatch, NM) are available a few weeks every year, and when they are, we order a case--roasted--and freeze them to last the year. 
If you've ever had fresh Hatch chiles roasted, you know there is no comparison with the canned version.
In our area, you can get the chiles at stores like Central Market, Sprouts and Whole Foods where they roast them in big hoppers out in the parking lot.  You can purchase small containers, or like us--a whole bushel.  They hold up nicely frozen...though you can plan on your icemaker picking up a "chile" taste for a few weeks.
Today at RDFL, we are serving up green burritos for our friends...from John's mom's recipe.  
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