On mentors...

The best mentors start with wherever you are, and help you get where you want to go. (Often when you didn't realize you actually wanted to go there.) And so I started thinking about people who have helped me in my direction...

  • Like my parents...who made me think I could grow up to be anything.
  • Rene Killmer--who taught me how to sing.
  • The Gillhams...who taught me to know grace.
  • The US Army...who taught me that things can be okay--even when totally out of your control.
  • John Hutchison...who taught me I was loved.
  • My kids....who inspired me to have fun.
  • Debbie Handler...who modeled servant leadership.
  • My current boss...who taught me about purpose-driven decisions.
  • Robin-the-Artist...who introduced me to paper, ink and watercolor crayons.
  • Mike with ArtLoveMagic....who taught me how to scribe.
  • Heather-the-Hippie-Chick...who taught me to relax.
  • Jenny-the-Yoga-Lifeguard who taught me to breathe.
Who helped you get to where you are?
© Random Cathy
Maira Gall