Vegan Friendly Fashion | Shoes

Vegan-friendly shoes are hard to find.  After all, there is a reason shoes are made from is durable, comfortable and it lets your feet breathe. So while I haven't found a great substitute for tennis shoes yet, I have found some great vegan options in terms of sandals.

DAWGS are possibly the most comfortable sandals I've ever had on my feet.  Cushy, perfectly balanced...ahhh...I love these shoes! My feet get happy when I simply put them on.

Another favorite is Okabashi.  They are comfortable--and though they run more narrow than my duck feet appreciate--they have great styles, and I own a pair in a wider width that is super comfortable.  A cool benefit to the Okabashi sandals is that they are recyclable.

It's kind of fun in the search for kinder more sustainable products to run across things you like better than the originals. 
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Maira Gall