Update on the weight loss

Well, I've lost 14 lbs since the "Weight Game" post, and while I wish I could tell you that "all I used was this one simple trick," that isn't the case.

I've used a layered strategy that includes:

- a vegan diet with nutrient-dense foods (low calorie, but high nutrition)
- the Livestrong app to track everything I eat daily (even if I have a chocolate breakdown).
- yoga focused on energetics and relaxation.
- some (could use more) cardio
- intention to really live out the health strategies I believe in

This is as low as I was in the days when I first completed Marilu Henner's The 30-Day Total Health Makeover. However, I'm curious if I can't get down closer to college weight and have some ideas about that based on two books I've read in the past few weeks, but more on that later.
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