Minimalistas | Progress Check

In going through the practices of: Simple Living - 30 days to less stuff and more life there have been a lot of great exercises, but the one that surprised me was the one on Surfaces. Lorilee has you clean off everything on your kitchen counters, live with it for a week, then only put back the things you use daily. And I discovered...

My kitchen is so much easier to use!

The surprise part is how cooking is faster when I'm not dodging canisters, oil bottles and other stuff.  Also the visual is a big deal.  It is easier to navigate. The kitchen feels simpler.

Melly-the-Rocker-Chick said, "The most effective for me was just breaking down organization into little projects. Seeing a clear difference has helped. I think another effective point was that I thought of ways I could help others, such as donating unused make-up, perfume, and purses to the local women's shelter."

Okay Minimalistas! What's your "progress check"?  How are the exercises you've done from the book so far helping you? 
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Maira Gall