So I wrote this book...

So I wrote this book...
If you've ever felt a gap between what you believe and what you experienced, this book is for you. It is available via Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Of fear and conservation

A couple of weeks ago, I met a man who brokers water rights for some of the major beverage companies. Those companies use a lot of it and water is a scarce resource. He quoted some scary statistics about just how scarce.

And here is the thing that struck me.  We have three options:  1) We can ignore it.  2) We can feel victimized; or 3) We can do something to change things.

No one else is going to figure this out for us. If we want to live more sustainably on this planet, we have to break the culture we were raised in and behave differently--on a daily basis.  Yet I'm convinced that we cannot heal the planet if we don't have the internal power to do the things we know we need to do to heal ourselves on a personal level. After all, we know that processed sugar is bad for us, that smoking causes cancer and steals lung capacity, that we need to exercise, deal with our anger, etc....and most of us ignore, play victim, or sabotage ourselves.

If changing the world starts at a very personal level then, it would appear we have two big stumbling blocks.  As blogger, Amy Andrews writes,

1) We don't want to do the work.
2) We don't like to wait.

Transformation takes time.  And time? Also a scarce resource.  

There is no tomorrow on this stuff. Use your resources wisely.
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