Why we might be closest to God when we screw up in a big way...

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we feel closest to God when we've screwed up in a big way? What if the reason for that has to do with humility?

When we are faced with our own brokenness, we adopt different posture.

What if in our day-to-day lives we always have this little bit of "I could run things better than you" that keeps us a step apart, but when we really mess things up, that's the time we truly see how things really are? How little control we have? What terrible gods we would make?

Most people who follow a spiritual path are able to articulate experiences of brokenness--the times when everything was ripped away.

If it is our own ego (pride) that keeps us far from God, then could we bridge the gap with humility?


But it occurs to me that pride is actually difficult to see in ourselves.

Perhaps we need to really screw up sometimes so that its hiding place is exposed.

© Random Cathy
Maira Gall