that 100% raw diet thing

So, I got discouraged on the 100% raw diet. 

These were the challenges I couldn't seem to navigate.

When you are eating that counter-culturally, it has a negative impact on the social aspects of food. Family dinners.  Dining with friends.  Business meetings.  So much about food is shared.

I found that sometimes I got really tired of all food being cold.

Because I am having to re-learn meal planning, etc, I don't have great strategies for staying within our grocery budget. (For the record, I think this can be learned.)

Where I'm landing for the moment...

I'm experiencing the benefits of eating a high percentage of raw foods including: clear skin, no sugar cravings, hydration and sustained energy level.

My disappointment in it has been the lack of weight loss.  I thought for sure that making these changes would impact my waistline. But it hasn't. And I'm not sure what to think about that.  So for now, I'm trying to figure out how to balance the benefits of all the fresh fruits and vegetables with my normal vegan diet.  My guess is that I will wind up with a hybrid of some sort.

Some raw foodists do a "raw until 4pm" lifestyle--which I think could work for me. Or maybe just some days will be more "raw" than others.  Still trying to figure out my ratio.

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Maira Gall