Passion Projects

As a writer and illustrator, I have a few passion projects. Here are links to some of the creative projects I'm working on:

Bad Christian

This book is filled with personal stories and themes that will be familiar to long-time readers of Random Cathy.

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About the book:

Have you ever felt more judged than loved?

For your sense of style, mode of speech or enjoyment of a certain type of music?

Because you didn’t have a fish decal on your car or a cross around your neck?

Ever feel like you checked all the boxes, yet it didn’t result in the life that was promised?

This book is for everyone who has experienced the difference between belonging to a group and being in a relationship with God. It is for the seekers, artists, pragmatists, disenfranchised, mystics and skeptics who love Jesus, but just don’t match the church subculture.

Do you have a passion for doodling in the margins? Even if you aren't an artist.

This site is all about visual journaling.

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I lead the mentor-protege program for an industry professional organization in Dallas. The articles on this site come from all of the deep dive conversations about what works and what doesn't when it comes to job satisfaction. 

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