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I can't help but be a cheerleader for products and services I love! These are some of the products that have actually delivered on their promises and that I personally use:


Each month, Barkbox sends a box of treats customized for your dog.  Ten percent of the proceeds go to rescue organizations, plus it is simply fun. My dogs now know that when the box comes, it is for them!

Test drive Barkbox for your dogs.

Betabrand's Yoga Dress Pants
These pants fit great.  They really are dress pants that work like yoga pants! I can go straight from the office to my practice.

Get $25 off by using this link.

Project 333 Microcourse
If you've ever wanted to downsize, the closet is a great way to start.  Taking Courtney Carver's minicourse and participating in Project 333 was revolutionary in creating a clean, simple space to live in.  Living with less for three months shifted my thinking and has impacted my life in so many positive ways.  The microcourse is a great way to get started. 

Dressing Your Truth
This online course completely revolutionized the way I dress.  I used to go to a dressing room and feel like I didn't measure up.  With the things I learned in this course, not only do I enjoy getting dressed in the morning, but I also get lots of compliments on my look.

The first part of the course to determine your energy type is free:
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