Discovering Steampunk

Jason McKelvey just introduced me to the concept of steampunk. The idea is one of high technology, but in a world where steam power is still widely used. In terms of look, think 19th Century and the works of H. G. Wells.

Just like some artists are into altered imagery or books, steampunkers are into altered technology.

There are a number of artists who are doing unbelievable things. Jake Hildebrandt hosts which serves as sort of a Steampunk for Dummies. The how-to site includes all the steps he used to transform day-to-day technology into functional steampunked works of art.

Another favorite of steampunkers is the transformation of electric guitars. On Google Images, type in “steampunk guitar” and it will bring up photos that make you wonder how someone conceived of them in the first place.

The concept of art based on transformation rather than creation is new to me. Fun to watch common items get morphed into things of beauty.

Okay Big Tea, now that you've tried your hand at windows, think you might be up for this?

Your white plastic flat screen has always looked out of place in your office. I bet we could fix that. In fact, maybe we could make a trip to Home Depot now...

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Big Tea said...

Steam powered flat panel monitors will have to wait until Liquid Crystal Display equals water for the liquid.

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