Second Honeymoon in Jamaica

We’re back! It was romantic, beautiful, adventurous and everything a second honeymoon should be. We played in the bluest ocean I’ve ever seen, saw crocodiles on the Black River; swam in a waterfall, laid on rafts and looked up at the stars, watched an ocean sunset from a cliff, went snorkeling over a coral reef and had to leave a store because the marijuana smoke was so heavy that I started to get dizzy.

The resort was perfect. Small, intimate and all together lovely. Sunset at the Palms in Jamaica consists of about 30 bungalows in a garden, a huge pool, and outdoor eating areas. Just watching the birds that flew by was incredible. The culture of hospitality among the Jamaican people was very welcoming. Everyone introduced themselves by name, and was genuinely friendly.

I titled this “second honeymoon”, but the reality is that this is our first one. We had a weekend at a lovely hotel in Dallas when we got married, but this is the first time we have ever taken a whole week for just the two of us. When we booked it, we justified the expense because it was our twentieth wedding anniversary. The reality is that we should have prioritized it just because every couple needs that kind of time together. So, if you are one of our married friends and you are reading this, I highly recommend jumping off this blog and checking out your favorite travel site.

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CrossPointeDave said...

You and your hubby have inspired me to consider a trip like this for Chris and my twentieth anniversary this coming December! Sounds like a blast. Glad you had an awesome time!

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