The Adventures of Yellowman

John (aka Big Tea) mentioned he would enjoy taking pictures so I got him a camera for Christmas. His first series was "The Adventures of Yellowman." Yellowman--whose natural habitat is John's office--frequently gets bored just hanging out on his perch on the cubby and goes in search of adventure.

John decided he would begin a journalistic effort to chronicle the exploits of the daring young plastic bendy toy. He has become quite good at moving quickly to capture him unaware, and the resulting photos of Yellowman moving wild through his habitat have been amazing to view.

We're never quite sure where we will find him as Yellowman laughs in the face of danger. He leaps, he catapults, he explores. One of his most daring exploits is taunting Kazoo--which could result in loss of limb due to gnawing.

It's possible John could pull down a Pulitzer, but we'll likely go for the quick cash and sell out to the Weekly World News.

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Big Tea said...

I had to leave off on the Yellow man series. Unfortunatley he had a "ceiling fan" accident. There is hope that he will recover but it is really hard to get drywall scapes off.

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