The Beauty of Coming Together

My friend, Jody, was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a quick thing. She went in for her annual mammogram and a few weeks later she was scheduled for a double mastectomy.

When I first found out, I called and asked what I could do. She said, "Do you think you could put something together where everyone could pray the night before my surgery? Something I could invite all of my friends to. Just the women. And I don't want this just to be about me. Oh yeah, and I want Christi to sing."

Last night, I sat at the church with 38 other women by candelight and we sang, read scripture and prayed. Per Jody's instructions, it wasn't just about her. I was overwhelmed at the beauty of watching all of those women with voices raised to God in hope and joy and love.

My church has a prayer wall at the back of the worship center where people can write their prayers and place them between the stones. Crosspointe's version of the wailing wall--a powerful tradition. We oriented our circle around the wall and people wrote prayers for Jody and others, rolled them up and slipped them in the cracks.

The thing is, this gathering was a pretty loose plan. But as each woman arrived, they simply used their gifts and it all came together. Christi is a gifted communicator. She handed out a page with scripture and lyrics and led the gathering. She made everyone feel comfortable as she spoke, and her voice rang out clear and pure as she sang. Nancy Jumper read a passage from Psalms. When Nancy reads scripture, her relationship with God is evident in every word. Kathy Smith does what Kathy does. She welcomed people at the door and didn't leave until all was back in order. Angie slipped off to the side and quietly handled music and lights. I felt very blessed to be connected to it all.

Watching Jody's face as her friends gathered around and poured out love was beautiful.

And today she knows beyond the shadow of a doubt, she doesn't go into surgery alone.


Robin said...

what a beautiful time of worship!

NancyJ said...

Your recount makes it even more meaningful than having been there. You have a lovely way of seeing the world and sharing it, my friend.

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