The Differences between Cathy and Nancy

Nancy Jumper--of the previous Bic's post--and I are often mistaken for each other at work. Mostly because we are reported to sound identical on the phone. (Having never spoken with myself, I can't verify this, but one day my elderly neighbor called me at work and it took Nancy a good 10 minutes to convince her she wasn't me.)

Since it seems to be a problem, I thought I should post the differences so that people can more easily tell us apart.

1. Knows the words to all songs written before 1994.

2. Wears Birkenstocks.

3. Likes the window blinds at Starbucks to all be positioned at the same height.

4. Believes in relational crosswords.

5. Can hold a 30-minute conversation in Whole Foods with a policeman about why there is hemp cereal in the bulk bins.

1. Knows the words to the songs from a few obscure bands.

2. Wears hats.

3. Thinks the asymmetry of the miscellaneous positioning of blinds is interesting.

4. Believes in competitive crosswords.

5. Has actually eaten hemp cereal from the bulk bins.

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