Elsa's new apartment

Elsa moved into her new apartment this weekend. It was so cool to see her new place. The apartment is a studio, so it is small, but it is also great. It has a balcony overlooking the pool and the layout is really nice.

The best part is that Elsa looked really happy when I saw her on Saturday. I asked her how it was sleeping there the first night and she said, "Tranquil."

It was a little humbling to see it all come together as everyone chipped in. As if each person had a part of exactly what was needed. There was no duplication in the gifts people shared. All bases were covered.

Elsa was delighted. She sat down at her two-person cafe table--the exact right size for the compact dining area--looked across the apartment, and said "Cathy, I feel like a very rich person."

Watching our community pour out love in such a tangible way, made me feel like a very rich person, too.

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