The Joy of Nerf Guns

If you don't have a nerf gun at your office, I highly recommend that you get one. Marketing launched a full-scale offensive at Audio a few years ago and the war has been on since.

Of course, if you launch an attack, you have to be prepared to take one as well. One day I was on the phone with a client when I heard the sound of a small electronic motor behind me. I turned around and looked down to see a tiny little tank which immediately began firing pellets at me. When I noticed the little flag attached to the antenna--a red circle/slash (like a "no smoking" sign) over the word "marketing"--I couldn't keep it together anymore on my phone conference and burst out laughing. Of course, I had to explain the whole thing to the client, who fortunately, thought it was hilarious.

It's nice when you can play with the people you work with, and luckily, fun is a high value in my workplace. It's woven into the culture. Little things like Friday afternoon ice cream or the Santa Jihad (long story) can create a sense of belonging. They also help celebrate things about people beyond their ability to be good at what they do professionally. It values personality. For example, I think it is amazing that Jason McKelvey can make a room full of us laugh until we can barely breathe, that Brian Elwell can juggle, that Steve Reed can build anything--including marshmallow shooters from PVC pipe, and that Jim Burdette and Casey Sherred can plot revenge cleverly without going so far that it stops being fun (with the exception of the April 7th Silly String Massacre, but I think Ben Cating and Rick Lavin had a hand in that.)

In the meantime, I've just upgraded to a better Nerf model so that I'm ready for the next attack. Never forget that Erin and I remain armed and dangerous.

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