The Knights

John has played softball with the same team for the past decade. The Knights play year round--spring, summer, fall, and winter leagues--with various championships won across their career. One of the coolest things about the Knights is that the core of the team has been together for most of their ten years. The other cool thing is that it is a really great group of guys. Until he started his new job, Gary Aufforth would chronicle their adventures in a hilarious play-by-play called the Knights Day. (Gary, if you are reading this, would you start a blog already, so we can get back to reading?)

A few weeks ago, John's specialty bat, a Worth Mayhem, broke in half during a game and the top went spinning almost taking out the batter on deck before it stuck in the chain link of the fence. The very expensive composite bat is less than a year old, so the company is replacing it, but for now John is either borrowing or playing with a slightly dented aluminum--his batting cage bat--until the replacement comes in.

Last night, Bethany and I got to go watch the playoffs. The Knights brought home a win on the first game, but a rainstorm dropped in and sent us all running for cover, so the fate of this year's season is still undetermined. However, John's new Mayhem is being delivered today, so the other team better be on notice. John armed with a good bat is pretty unstoppable. They don't stand a chance.

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