Meet Kazoo

We picked up Kazoo at a flea market. Tiny, adorable, with opposeable thumbs and curious eyes, he was an impulse buy.

Sent home with well wishes and minimal instruction, we learned a lot over the next year. Mostly, how intelligent and social he is. Adding a sugar glider to your family is more like adding a parrot than a hampster. They have a complicated diet, live for 15 years, need enrichment and stimulation, and more than all of that...they are colony animals and should never, ever be sold solo.

A few months ago, we looked into getting "Zoo" a mate, and I ran across a rescue organization called Hope for Gliders.

Hope for Gliders handles most of the glider rescues for a good portion of the state of Texas. What started out as hobby breeding for Angie Higdon and Debbie Dunning soon became a passion for education and rescue for many animals whose owners struggle because they aren't given the information needed to successfully keep these little guys as pets.

In working with Hope for Gliders, Kazoo's life got a total upgrade. We doubled his cage size, purchased toys, improved his diet, and most importantly--got him a mate. (Not that Kazoo considered neutering before his mate came home an upgrade.)

Kayla--our little adoptee--is sweet, but likely didn't get the attention that Kazoo got when he was little. For example, she doesn't know she can glide. While Kazoo is leaping and scuttling around John's office, Kayla hangs out in a blanket in the corner. Our hope is that some day she will feel comfortable enough to explore. Already she is trusting us more, and she is very bonded to Kazoo.

The best part of getting Kazoo a friend is that he no longer barks for me to come play with him at 4am. Kayla now has that shift covered.

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