Adventures in Making Sushi

So, John has been on a kick for us to learn to make sushi. And we did. And shockingly, it was really, REALLY good.

John found a very instructional easy-to-follow website at We started with the basic sushi link and explored from there. The best part of the site is that they assume you know NOTHING about making sushi. Which was great, because as it turned out, we were in that demographic.

To purchase supplies, we went to the huge Chinese market near our house. (Yes, I know sushi is Japanese. This was a total gamble.) Add in the language barrier--this is a TRUE Chinese market--and you can capture a bit of our sense of adventure.

We scoped out the rice aisle and found a package labeled in English that said it was good for sushi. We couldn't find anything labeled nori, but figured it out from the shape and picture on the package. (For the record, it was WAY cheaper than Whole Foods.) Wasabi came in a tin as powder (you mix it with water).

One key piece of equipment we already had was a sushi mat. After a failed attempt at making sushi about a year ago, I picked one up during a random trip to a Japanese market. (Well, actually, the trip was to a WhirlyBall party....the Japanese market next door simply looked interesting.)

We made three types of sushi rolls: avocado, cucumber and spicy salmon. The spicy salmon was EASY. We mixed a package of Chicken of the Sea salmon (the kind that comes in a foil envelope) with Miso Mayo (could probably use real mayonaise) and some generous splashes of Lousiana Hot Sauce.

Basically, you make the rice, mix it with sushi vinegar (rice vinegar, sugar and salt) and allow it to cool. Spread it on the nori, lay out your fillings and roll it up. The website has a lot more detail so that it all tastes great, but those are the basics!

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