Dianna and Cathy Navigate Manhattan

Just a quick update. Dianna and I successfully navigated the subway system to get from FXFOWLE's offices to St. Patricks Cathedral.

Of course there was a stop at Union Square, DSW Shoe Warehouse, the drugstore, the ATM, and some random artist selling really cool t-shirts at $40 a pop. (Don't worry, John, I didn't get one. Though I did talk Dianna into two pairs of shoes that won't fit into her suitcase.)

We lucked out at the POD Hotel when we checked back in for the stay that will be on our dime and got a room with twin beds and a bathroom. (This caused no small amount of joy from me and Dianna. We weren't excited about bunks and common bathing facilities.)

Tonight we venture out for the Festival of San Genero (sp?). Should be fun. Okay, now to catch up on e-mail before we take off!


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it always makes me feel so urban to navigate the subway! Glad your trip is going so well!

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