Grappling with Social Responsibility

Okay, so everyone knows that John is rarely seen without his Sonic Route 44 iced tea. John has stopped at Sonic twice a day for years--something that used to drive me crazy until I discovered the joy of Route 44 iced tea with lime and joined him in his addiction. (We actually have a line item in our budget for Sonic tea.)

Here's the thing. One of the great things about Sonic is the styrofoam cup. It keeps the crunchy ice crunchy and it doesn't sweat in the Texas summer heat. However, John's and my contribution of four giant cups a day to the local landfill is completely socially irresponsible.

Today, we invited Betsy del Monte of Beck Architecture to speak with our team about sustainability. As I walked with her back to the conference room, my large styrofoam cup winked at me from my office.

In the whole green conversation, giving up tea would be such a drop in the bucket. After all, Sonic will continue to sell tea in large unrecyclable cups whether I stop each day or not. Then again, how can I write the green article for TFWM, talk with clients about sustainability or help write Craig and Betsy's green seminar for WFX if it isn't something I'm actually living?

I'm not sure of the answer for this one. Tea is such a joy each day, and I'm pretty sure Sonic has no plans to change their cups (and if they did would the ice stay crunchy all day?) So, what should we do? I'm open to suggestions...


Big Tea said...

By the way, I am NOT looking for ideas about what to do. My tea habit is too deeply ingrained to change now.

NancyJ said...

I've seen thermal "jug/mugs" that have a handle and a lid with "sip/drink" openings, and are reuseable like any glass. They're thermal so keep the ice would fit your criteria. John could call it his "stein" for the macho touch and be able to use them also. Just wash every evening and bring to Sonic every morning for refilling. ...but then John would have to change his BLOG to "stein tea" instead of.....

Anonymous said...

Have you tried washing your styrofoam cups in the dishwasher and reusing them? They hold up amazing well and you could cut down to buying a new cup once a week or less. Just a suggestion.


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