I'm in NYC!!!

This is my room at the POD hotel. Based on the Japanese concept of chic hotels with very tiny rooms, the Pickwick Arms hotel reinvented itself as a trendy, affordable place to stay in Manhattan. The design is clever. The bed functions as a couch until you remove the cover. There is a flat screen TV, drawers under the bed, a desk which will only fit a laptop and a very compact bathroom.

The funny thing is that this is actually one of the larger rooms. Dianna and I are sharing a bunk room on Friday evening (when we switch from our expense accounts to our own funds). Dianna counted the square feet of the space. It has 50. As I understand it, the bunk rooms have shared bathrooms, and there are lights that tell when they are occupied. Hmmm.... I haven't needed shower shoes since summer camp.

I'm in NY for meetings. We usually meet on Wednesday afternoon; however, I've learned if I fly in the Tuesday evening I have a whole morning to catch up on whatever deadline I'm dragging on (in this case my "green" article for TFWM) and can hit the meeting without that "I caught a 6am flight" shading under the eyes.

This time I flew in a bit early so that Dianna and I could catch a Broadway show. We were able to get last minute tickets to Spam-A-Lot--which was hilarious! Written by Eric Idle, the play does that wonderful Monty Python thing of acknowledging the audience in unexpected moments. I highly recommend it.

Well, it is 1AM here, so I should sign off. If I get an early start on my article, maybe Dianna and I can go to St. Patricks Cathedral before the meeting. It is my second favorite place in New York. (Grand Central is the first. Luckily the GDA saw fit to make dinner reservations there tomorrow night.)


Anonymous said...

NYC - cool! If you get a chance for another show I highlly recommend the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. E and I saw it in July (got cheap tix at TKTS) - hilarious! Curtains was good too!

who lurks around your blogspot daily, and gets really bothered when you miss a day, or 2, or...

Big Tea said...

That looks like our first house

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