The Letter Art Calendar

My sister-in-law, Rhonda, gave me a Christmas gift that I enjoy every day.

It is a Calligraphy and Letter Art calendar that I keep on my desk at work. The cool thing is that each week is a different font. The weekend sheet lists every letter in the font--upper and lower case--with an explanation of the tools to use (calligraphy pen, brush, oblique pen holder with nib that you dip into a well of ink). Then, daily there are practice words. Today is a calligraphy pen font and the words for the week are all fashion names. Today, Armani. Tomorrow, Givenchy.

The odd thing is that I've actually had practical application for this. For example, I "scribed" during the Better Together session and one of the fonts I'd learned made great headers.

Thanks, Rhonda.

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