Lynette, the Cowgirl

Lynette and I grew up in the suburbs of Fort Worth--which for all practical purposes made us city girls despite the Cowtown legacy. We lived a few houses down from each other until Lynette moved to a different neighborhood around sixth grade. Luckily, my parents switched churches so that Lynette and I got to see each other as part of a huge youth group. Once we began driving, separate neighborhoods became a non-issue and we've been close ever since.

The thing about Lynette is that when she was a little girl, she wanted three things out of life: a truck, a horse and to marry a cowboy. While the rest of us had a stack of albums that contained the Police and Rick Springfield, Lynette's stack included Crystal Gayle and George Strait. In fact, at Lynette's sixteenth birthday party, her parents cleared out the garage and created a dance floor with seating made from hay bales around the perimeter. My dance education hadn't included the two-step. Luckily John Gray took pity on me and taught me how. (Thanks, John!)

As it is, Lynette has gotten all of the things she wanted out of life way back when. She lives in Kerrville, Texas and spent 15 years working for the Cowboy Artist of America Museum where she coordinated fund raising events and educational programs. She married Matt--a cowboy. They own TWO pickups and have a couple of horses. Daughter, Marissa, shows horses on the weekends, so Lynette still makes the trip back to Cowtown on a fairly regular basis.

I like the idea of the country girl growing up in the city, then finding the place she felt she should always be. It takes a certain amount of bravery to follow the path you know to be true.

I'd sign off with a cowboy epitaph....but quite frankly, I don't know any. Vaya con Dios?

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Anonymous said...

I'm famous!! I have to say this is one of your best articles to date.

Love ya, Lynette

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