The Tea Solution !!!

Don't laugh! We figured out the tea solution. I have this mondo Italian infusion jar that my parents gave me one year for Christmas. Typically, I use it for entertaining.

John and I decided to commission it to solve the Sonic tea problem. We purchased a plant stand to lift it off the bar so that a glass can fit under the spigot. (Previously, it had to sit at the edge of a counter--which is why I rarely used it.)

Flake ice still has to be purchased at Sonic (by the bag), and we're still looking for the perfect insulated cups, but here we are, taking baby steps to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Cool, huh?


CrossPointeDave said...

sounds like you've got it licked!

Anonymous said...

So how much tea are you guys drinking a day? My family averages 2 to 3 gallons a day.


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