Unexpected gifts...

This morning while driving to work, it popped in my head to stop at a panaderia and pick up empanadas for the office. While a good idea, I second guessed myself on the wisdom of it through a couple of stop lights because I was running late. As it was, I did stop, and got tons of "these are great" and "thank you's" because after all, no one really has time to get breakfast.

The thing is that it doesn't take much to do that sort of thing. (In this case $7.35 and 8.5 minutes.) But, I often let myself talk myself out of whatever idea occurs to me because something inside is quick to say it is impractical.

About 30 minutes after I came in bearing baked goods, Dan Schoedel entered with an armful of roses. They are from his backyard. He brought one for each of the women in the office. All day, their scent has been quietly drifting over me as I sit here at my computer. The delicate petals are a peaceful contrast to the list of deadlines and pressures sitting next to them.

I'm not sure why Dan thought to do it...or how much time it took him....but I am very, very glad he did. And the next time I have a random thought about stopping by the panaderia, I'll do it and not think twice about it.

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