Last day in Calgary...

After two days of intense "think-tanking" we had some relaxed unscheduled time this morning at the Faukridge center. Somehow I got the luck of the draw and wound up in the master suite this week. The Faukridge center was once a residence and the closet in my room was as big as my husband's current office. The bathroom was of equal size and boasted the most amazing jaccuzi tub. The best part was that two walls of the room were glass and the view was incredible. After staying at the minimalistic Pod Hotel a couple of weeks ago in Manhattan, this was a very, VERY nice contrast.

Most of our group wound up going to the airport to catch early morning flights, so the few of us on afternoon flights had the morning to sit over coffee and talk. I met a really interesting architect from Las Vegas--Ray Lucchesi. In addition to being an activist for change (a common dynamic in this group) he is also well-read on businesses as eco-systems. He brought an interesting perspective to the dialogue and helped expand my thinking. Another factoid interesting to me was that he has a sociologist and an architectural biologist on his team.

Ric Nelson--a developer--brought another interesting perspective to the dialogue. In looking at the whole design and construction industry, we began to speculate what roles in the current eco-system were "endangered species."

While we were sitting around, I did some work on the Mindshift wiki. Part of my role in this group is as "wiki gardener." I tend to go in behind people and clean up formatting and the organization of information. (I think it's an OCD thing for me.) It felt good to get the captures of the scribing posted so the ideas can be looked at as a flow.

The flight back was full of returnees from the Sweet Adeline convention. At one point, they all broke into song at the gate. (Pretty cool.)

In any case, it is great to be home. As an added bonus, John met me at the baggage claim. Always fun to be met in a cold, impersonal airport by a familiar smile and a hug.

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