Fondue with Steve & Marybeth

Steve & Marybeth joined us for fondue tonight. Fondue is one of my favorite things to do when having a dinner party because all I have to do is chop stuff. All of the cooking gets done at the table.

Steve hadn't had fondue before...and quite frankly had a bit of a time getting the hang of it.

He was able to manage skewering things and dipping them in batter. He was even able to successfully get them into the hot oil, but then the whole process seemed to fall apart. We spent a good part of the first portion of the meal fishing Steve's food out of the bottom of the fondue pot with our forks.

Of course, whenever Steve and John get together the conversation turns to fantasy football. At one point John even felt compelled to print the roster to bring more accuracy to the discussion.

(I try to follow...really I do...but football has always been complex to me just with first downs and penalty flags. Now that I have to factor in trades and bye weeks and random marijuana charges, the whole thing is beyond complicated.)

Tony and Joey joined us, and though I don't have a kid-friendly house anymore, I do still have a huge tub of Chase's old action figures. It was cool to see them all strewn across the living room floor. Brought back really great memories. Tony tried to show us how he could twist his tongue in a circle going the opposite direction of his foot. (Yes, the rest of us tried it too. You really truly can't do it.)

Of course, the best part of fondue is the dessert course. It is fairly easy to whip up. You heat the half and half in the fondue pot. (Electric pots are can control the heat so it doesn't scorch.) Add a shot of liquor. (I usually use amaretto. Tonight I used coconut rum.) Throw in semi-sweet chocolate chips, and stir until melted. Put out some pineapple, sliced banana, marshmallows, green apple, and you are done.

John and I are both fans of the marshmallows. If you leave them in the heated chocolate for a bit, they melt just a little. Mmmmmm.

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