Wired Magazine's Geekipedia supplement kept me company on the plane today. I read everything from Abrams, JJ to Zillow. Billed as the "list of essential people, places, things and trends to help you navigate the wired world," I have to admit, the supplement delivered.

For example, did you know Godwin's Law is the name for the likelihood of conversations on message boards to degenerate and end with a reference to Nazis? Or that founder, Craig Newmark, has never sold out and claims that "death is his exit strategy?"

Did you know about blogger, Fake Steve Jobs? Or which YouTube stars are crossing over into mainstream media?

The supplement also covers all the current acronyms like DRM (grr), RFID and UAV.

If aren't a Wired subscriber, I highly recommend popping into a B&N to pick up this month's copy for the Geekipedia supplement. It's an interesting read--even if you don't have 3.5 hours to kill on a plane ride. Or, as with all things Wired, you can access online at

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