It's the little things...

It's the little things that make home feel like home. I landed in Dallas to gorgeous weather, so when I got home John and I opened all the windows which allowed us to hear the new chimes John bought for the porch as we took care of some chores.

In the afternoon, John and Bethany had target practice in the backyard with a pellet gun. (I tried a couple of times, but wound up hitting the bench, so after that I just watched. )

We took Bethany and a friend to Party City to get costumes for a party they were to go to. Because it was the Saturday before Halloween, the store was a zoo and took forever. I didn't mind because it was nice to spend time with Beth and listen to her evaluate her options.

After dropping Beth and her friend off to go to the party, John and I went for Date Night at Cosmic Cafe--one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas. Before it was transformed into a restaurant, it was a house with a big porch. Now, it is a funky place with great vegetarian food. Every inch of it is painted in murals and designs.

It was a pretty unplanned date. We went to a store John had discovered and bought a couple of random things including a deck of cards called "52 Things to Do on a Date" so that we could be inspired on what to do with the rest of our evening. The card said to go somewhere that you can walk and hold hands--so we did. We went to a park by our old house that has a pond. The full moon made it silvery and beautiful. We fed the swans and saw some bunnies.

On the way home, we drove past our old house and were pleased to find out that the new owners are taking good care of it. The trees we planted are big now. We talked about when the kids were little and it was fun to be reminded of our life there.

When we got back home and walked in the house, the dogs greeted us with barks and wiggly tails.

It is good to be home.

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