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I've been working on several all-consuming projects fpr my day job which has left me way behind on my e-mail.

Today I finally got around to opening one from Dianna (of the previous GDA posts). She sent this photo from when we were in Central Park.

We stood staring at this man for quite awhile trying to decide if he were real or a statue. When I got too close, he reached down and grabbed my hand, pulled it to his heart, and made funny faces at me.

He handed me his card--which I wish I could find. Anyone who spends his days bringng smiles to random passersby should really be praised and promoted.

So, Mr. Central Park Statue Man....thank you. Not just for the smile on that day, but the one I had today when I was reminded of the interaction via e-mail.

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Robin said...

what an amazing picture - i love your smile and the way the wind blew your hair - i can feel the action of the moment!

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