Sometimes logistics get you

It started out as a lovely day. I scribed Craig and Betsy Del Monte's session. We had some great conversations at the booth. Nancy and I had lunch with Dianne Gardner of CDH Partners--whose professional role happens to be an interesting combination of Nancy and I both.

But then tear down came around and Nancy and I spent three hours waiting for the exposition company to deliver our boxes so we could pack up and leave--which caused us to miss our flight. Which sent us on an oddessy of scrambling for a hotel, making an alternate plan for the rental car and resulting in a very, very long day.

The plus side was that the guys across from us had to wait for their boxes too, so in between napping and pacing we had entertaining conversation. One of the men from Waveguide offered to get food for us. Nancy asked him if he would bring her a salad--which he did. And as minutes turned to hours, it turned out to be a lifesaver. (She shared.)

There is something that wears on you when you think you are going home, then wind up being shuffled here and there. One of the truly good things about Atlanta is that the people here without exception are very, very nice. Smiles and kind words are sometimes the most valuable things. Nancy and I definitely received our share of them this evening...from the lady at the exposition desk, the hotel staff, the rental car return, shuttle drivers and the waitress at Sunflower. (Yes, we squeezed in one last dinner there before returning the rental car.)

You know, if I have to be stranded, Atlanta's not a bad place to be.

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