Trying to wake up...

First of all, I have to say it is cruel and unusual punishment for the schools to hold basketball practice at 7am. It requires Bethany and I leaving the house at 6:30 which means I have to get up even earlier. The worst part is that because I have to rush through my morning routine it generally results in a bad hair day for me for the rest of the afternoon.

This morning it was raining--which meant traffic was terrible--and it is one of the first cold days of the year here.

I came into the office--generally feeling miserable, then left again. I decided a trip to the bakery around the corner for a warm blueberry muffin and a cup of really good coffee was just the thing. The muffin is still warm from the oven and the coffee is delicious. Amazing how baked goods and friendly chatter with a woman at the counter can turn a day around.

Now, if I can just avoid mirrors so I don't have to look at my hair, the day should be just fine...

UPDATE: Okay, Angie just walked in and randomly said, "Wow, your hair looks really cute today."

Made me smile. :-)

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Robin said...

i personally think that mornings in general are cruel and unusual punishment but i think morning people would disagree with me...SIGH!

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