WFX in Atlanta

I'm sitting here typing at the end of a very long day. In fact, I picked up Nancy-the-Insightful this morning at 6:30 am to go to the airport.

Our firm is exhibiting at WFX in Atlanta. Since the bumper-to-bumper traffic at the airport this morning it feels like I've been 30-45 minutes behind all day.

As always for a trade show, the logistics never quite work out exactly right, so flexibility is the name of the game. I lugged 66 lbs of brochure through the Atlanta Hartsfield airport forgetting when I made this plan just how long the walk was from baggage claim to ground transportation to the hotel to the tradeshow floor. The four display pieces I brought didn't look quite right so I nixed one of them. (At $600 a piece--not an easy decision.) The light kits were all missing a piece, but luckily Steve-McGyver-Reed is on this trip with us and we made a quick trip to Home Depot so that he can engineer something.

The brochures we produced and shipped earlier this week for the tour weren't delivered, but they were easily found and Nancy and I drove them over--running only a little late.

Then, Steve, Nancy and I were on our way to my favorite restaurant on the planet (Cafe Sunflower, which happens to only exist in Atlanta) when I got the call that I needed to go back to help with tomorrow's session. We turned around. Nancy and Steve dropped me off. (Luckily, they brought me back a piece of cake.)

Now that the set up is done, tomorrow will be about connection--my very favorite part!

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