Word spaghetti

Sometimes words flow easily. Concepts pour out in a stream of brilliance that when you read them later, you think...."Could I have actually written that?" But other times every word is like sweating great drops of blood and paragraphs read with all the linear thought of a bowl of spaghetti.

Today, I am having a word spaghetti day. I'm writing verbiage for the new ADVisual brochure and the story in my head is a great glob of goo. The worst part is that it has been goo for some time now. I keep pushing it off thinking I'll get clarity, but no....still goo.

It actually should be a really cool story. My company is designing in 3-D. You see, once upon a time, everything was done in 2-D making it difficult for clients to visualize designs unless they were well versed in reading blueprints. But now, even architects are able to provide better coordination becasue when you are looking and talking about something that looks like a photograph, it is easy to see when things don't match up. What this means for the client is that it is easier to visualize the experience and make decisions which shortens the whole design timeline--which in the long run saves them money.

The sad part is that the story I just told above needs to be cleaned up into better sounding verbiage that will flow engagingly across multiple pages--which as I said--I'm struggling with.

So for now, the ADVisual story remains word spaghetti. Sigh.


NancyJ said...

AD Visual Team of Spaghetti Busters to the rescue! Just being in their presence untangles the worst pasta peril! And once again, words flowed!

Big Tea said...

Spaghetti just has to be cut into smaller pieces and THEN consumed.

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