20th Anniversary Celebration

John and I invited a few of our couple friends who have been married awhile to help us celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary. We came up with The (Not So) Newlywed Game. Based on the television game show from the 1960's, we developed a way to play the game at home complete with theme music, laugh tracks, and applause. John played the part of Bob Eubanks while I ran the cues and kept score. (Okay, I kept running a litle behind, but that just added to the real laughter.)

Meet the contestants...

Rhonda and Troy Hutchison. Married in 1988. They met on a double date—with different partners. Though they had a slow start, they made up for it in the final round. They were the only couple who actually agreed on the "who is the better driver" question.

Robin and Floyd Eggen. Married in 1994, Robin and Floyd met at the Pocket Sandwich while both performing in Ebenezer Scrooge. The question that really gave them trouble was the impression one. When asked which impression her husband did best, Robin said "Shatner"--the one he is most famous for. However Floyd said "Adam West." Though technically the two impressions sound much the same, we couldn't give that one to him.

Chris and David Wahlstedt. Married in 1987, Chris and David met in the drama department at Tennessee Temple University. The question that hung them up was the driving question. Chris said she was the better driver and that the legal documents (aka. driving records) proved it. David heartily disagreed. We had to remind David we weren't talking about golf.

Nancy and Peter Jumper. Married in 1978, Nancy and Peter proved to be the most in sync. They met in college as RA’s when Nancy asked him to investigate the "dead girl" in the shower. As it turns out, it was simply an alchohol-induced pass out. My personal favorite answer was to the "what item of clothing do you wish your wife would get rid of from her wardrobe?" Nancy answered her "grandmother's long puffy ball skirt." When Peter flipped his blue card around he had drawn it....with the "puffy balls" in perfect detail. They won the grand prize....his and hers MP3 players.

We had a wonderful time. I laughed so hard at John's Bob Eubanks impression, and the questions generated a lot of funny moments. To top it all off, Palios catered our candelight dinner, so that I didn't have a lot of set up. It was a wonderful way to commemorate our past 20 years and to celebrate the marriages of our friends. We'll have to think hard to come up with something as memorable for our next 20.

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CrossPointeDave said...

What an awesome event! I'm so proud to be sitting next to such a beautiful, profoundly spiritual woman who has put up with me for twenty years!

Thanks John and Cathy for an awesome evening!

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