The 4am Birthday Mission

John has been looking at big screen TV's in earnest for over a year. Unbeknownst to John, I'd put back money to be able to surprise him for his birthday. And though it wasn't quite enough money for the 37" he was hoping for it was still going to be an HD flat screen.

John's birthday is around Thanksgiving every year and today, it fell on Black Friday.(Black Friday n. the day US retailers cross over from being in the red to being in the black on their balance sheets through after Thanksgiving sales.) Originally, Bethany and I had planned to take John to Uncle Julios--his favorite--for lunch, and give him the card with the money in it. But after being inundated with ads for amazing deals on flat screens, and at the prompting of Chase who is now working for AT&T Wireless at Best Buy, the three of us gave him his card last night.

Last night, John and I couldn't really decide if it would actually be worth it to try to brave the frenzy of the crowds, but we both woke up around 4am, and decided to jump in the car for the adventure of it.

As it turns out, the trip was a great idea. This morning Walmart had sixteen 42" Poloroid LCD's for the price of a 32" They were located on pallets of four at four different points in the store. And thanks to some good direction from a couple of helpful employees, we were able to score one of them.

So, now the rest of the day is going to be about finding a mount, purchasing cables and all the other techno details John will enjoy. As for me, I have to check my facebook, finish this post, and go back to bed!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see that baby in the study! You should be able to see the sweat drops on Romo's face. Oh wait, you're a 49ers fan. So sorry!

Anonymous said...

i am so excited for you!!!

so we are going to watch the boys play on it right?...

oh yeah... wait.. you are weird and dont like them.. but its ok ;)

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