The Legendary Jason McKelvey

At AD, there's always a lot of laughter in the day-to-day, no matter how busy (translation: stressed) we are. The flurry of e-mail's sparked by Microsoft's "chassis intrusion" error that plagued, our office a few months ago was truly greatness and almost each person on our team has had a moment of true comic genius somewhere along the line.

However, one of our video designers, Jason McKelvey has done much to distinguish himself on the comedy scale. To introduce you, this was the image on Jason McKelvey's "Happy Thanksgiving" e-mail.

The thing is, we've come to rely on Jason for this type of creativity. We've been regaled of his heroics as hairdresser to the Cherokee nation and were astonished by his dead-on impersonation of Michael Scott in the reenactment of the birthday episode of The Office for Steve Reed's 50th.

Just last week, we received another e-mail of Jason completely not getting why he was frequently mistaken for this actor from The Princess Bride. Do you see a resemblance? Jason felt it was.....inconceivable.


Update: I ran across this on You Tube. The legend lives on:


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Anonymous said...

I don’t know what to say… I think I’m blushing. You make me feel like all the greats…
Robin Williams, Jim Carey, Owen Wilson, Phil Hartman, Whoopie Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell… oh crap...
alcoholic, on prozac, suicide attempt, murdered by wife, no eyebrows, crazy lesbian.
Thanks for the destiny.

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