Meeting Ramon

With Chase, the whole dating thing was easy. He grew up crazy about Nichole--who lived around the corner from our house. We knew her parents. We knew her teachers. We knew her friends.

As Bethany's parents, we had to institute a "date rule." The rule is simple. If a boy wants to take you out, he has to meet us first. Period.

We had one of these such meetings tonight. His name is Ramon.

Though I expected him to be nervous, he wasn't. (Well, not much.) But Bethany blushed for hours. (Not that John and I didn't contribute to that. We did tease her a bit. As parents you have to be able to have some fun at your teenager's expense.)

What was really cool is that when we dropped him back home, his parents came out to meet Bethany and us. They were delightful people. Not only that, but his mom was thrilled to learn I speak Spanish and we had great conversation.

Because it is a teenage relationship, I don't know if it lasts 12 minutes (like the last boyfriend) or 12 years (like Chase and Nichole), but it is nice to be involved. Even if it does make Bethany just a little bit embarrassed of her parents.


Melany aka Supermom said...

That's so nice of you guys. I will also want to meet my boy's girlfriends and their parents if possible. I will want to know where my child is spending so much time :)

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! IM IN THIS BLOG!!! haha and yeah.. it feels like 12 years.

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