The Myth of Radical Transparency

Contrary to what I've read, blogging doesn't actually require radical transparency. Just like in any conversation, you can pick a level of depth and swim there.

For example, I can blog about going to the movies and thinking Robin Williams quote is beautiful, or write about the Nerf Gun wars at work, or talk about my personal theology, ideals and philosophy without actually delving into any of the insecurities, pain or failures I'd rather not discuss on the world wide web.

Recently, my husband blogged about his struggle with the transparency of blogging. I love my husband's blog because it gives the world a small glimpse of the intelligent, funny, often unexpected man I live with, yet in all of John's writing, the door gets opened only a crack. For both of us, the intimacy of marriage is the only thing that provides enough safety for true, radical transparency.

As for transparency in blogging, I think it is more about authenticity. Not about being completely emotionally naked, but about being real enough.

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