The Sparrow Condominiums

I really enjoy watching birds. Back in our first house where we had large trees, our next door neighbor kept several feeders going. In fact, once when Bethany was a very little girl, she commented, "Mom, all the pretty birds come to see us."

"No," I corrected. "They come to visit Betty, because she feeds them."

Since we moved, I've missed Betty's birds, so we put out a feeder and have enjoyed watching the sparrows, doves and occasional cardinal. We even have a bright yellow parakeet that visits. It's always sort of a gift to see him out there. Very cool that he is doing fine in the wild.

John started a project a few months ago to build a birdhouse that would hold several feathered families. Because the plans--which he pulled off the internet--were a lot larger when he started building it than it seemed on paper, we've taken to calling it the "sparrow condominiums."

The condo was finished this weekend. I watched all day Sunday to see if the birds would suddenly move in in a flurry of activity, but so far they haven't. Which, I'm not sure I really get.There are 14 units and the rent is pretty cheap. Plus, it is stationed close to our "all you can eat buffet" so one would think they would fill up quickly.

Wouldn't it be cool if the budgie decided to take one?

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