To the Class of '09

Craig is speaking to architecture students at the University of Kansas today. When we were brainstorming his topic, I came up the idea to use this image from the perspective that university students don't need to know that the world is changing.

They are a product of that changed world. What they need to know is how to survive in a corporate culture that can't see that the world is changing.

Cisco has a great commercial for their telepresence product. The video is a beautiful illustration of growing up in a world without boundaries. Growing up in this world changes perception about what is possible.

Add to that the culture of mass colaboration....Wikipedia, Open Source, Modding, Steampunk, Mashups, etc, and you have a culture shift where people feel it is their right to be able to impact and contribute. The thing is, they will quickly disconnect if isolated in a cubicle where they have to follow old rules that don't allow them to have input.

Luckily, the Net Gen shouldn't have to wait too long for the rules to change. If corporate America doesn't take advantage of their energy, they'll simply go out and make money without us. After all, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Anshul Samar are already there.

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